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GUID Player Team League Division Join Leave
0:1:4748898 Joe "big_pinecone" Smith fully flared CAL ddor 2008-10-12 2008-10-28
0:1:4748898 Adam "bigs" B Hard2Kill CEVO Open --- ---
0:1:4748898 Adam "bigs" B Klaudnot Sisters CEVO National --- ---
0:1:4748898 adam "biggie" b FLAWLESS CEVO FREE --- ---
0:1:4748898 adam "biggie" b FLAWLESS CEVO National --- ---
0:0:1:4748898 biggie "bSkRiLLaZz1g~*" biggie BLING BLING CEVO FREE --- ---
0:1:4748898 adam "biggie" b Movie Shots CEVO FREE --- ---
STEAM_0:1:4748898 professional "biggie" shoutcaster EMERGEgaming XPL FrusMod Tournament 2010-05-12 2010-05-23


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