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Legit-Proof is the primary source for gaming profile history.

Legit-Proof is what most people know as a GUID / STEAM ID checker. It lets you query a large database of team, player, and match data. You can use it to check what teams your friends or opponents have played for and how they have done in their divisions.

What leagues and games does Legit-Proof support?

It is not necessarily what leagues we support, it is what organizers support us. We have built a robust API that allows online leagues, tournaments, and offline LAN events to integrate with our database and record teams, matches, and player relationships.

As of right now, Legit-Proof supports and/or is supported by CAL, CEVO, ESEA, and RGA. Legit-Proof is records history for all games that the participating leagues support.


The Original Website Design from January 2006

Legit-Proof was launched in January, 2006. The original design that the website was launched with is in the picture to the right. The website was inspired by the shortcomings of the AmpedNews SteamID checker that was the most popular resource at the time. Legit-Proof improved upon the features of the AmpedNews search and overtook as the primary SteamID resource within a year. AmpedNews was shut down about a year and a half after Legit-Proof was launched.

Since launch, Legit-Proof has served as a web development play ground for the development team at Strategy Star Inc. We have designed and developed serveral versions of the website over the years and experimented with different tools and features, but ultimately Legit-Proof has always been only a GUID/SteamID checker.

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